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NNOA 's  Sponsors & Supporters


With GREAT APPRECIATION  we thank all of you for support in efforts to Train Law Enforcement Personnel around the world.  With your help crime is greatly impacted and Officers' lives are saved.  Thank you all very much:

**All donations to NEFN are tax-deductible.

Our sponsor program was designed to provide manufacturers and their vendors an opportunity to support the Nevada Narcotic Officers' Association (NNOA) or (NEFN). The NNOA will accept sponsorships from companies who are willing to assist the NNOA in providing training and/or support to our members and their agencies. The NNOA benefits through the sponsor's commitment to supply products to our training programs, as well as, donations for door prizes or to further our training mission. The sponsor benefits by receiving a web site link, free or discounted vendor tables and a member agency mailing list. Additionally, the NNOA may place the sponsor's logo on selected NNOA promotional and training materials.

The program is open to all corporations upon a written proposal listing the specific support to be given to the NNOA Executive Board. Sponsor promotion is limited to corporations that offer credible products and services. After NNOA approval, the sponsorships are good for one calendar year. The NNOA reserves the right to renew or discontinue involvement in the sponsor program. Sponsorship levels are as follows:


$250 Application Fee and a Proposal of

 $5,000 or More

  • Free Vendor's Booth at Annual Training Conference or Regular Classes
  • Preferred Choice of business when applicable
  • Access to Membership Agency Mailing Lists
  • Invitations to Special NNOA Events
  • Company Logo on Select NNOA Promotions and Training Materials
  • NNOA Web Site Link and or NEFN Web Site Link 




$250 Application Fee and a Proposal of

 $1,000- $4,999

  • Discounted Vendor's Booth at Annual Training Conference
  • Access to Membership Agency Mailing List
  • NNOA Web Site Link and or NEFN Web Site Link




$500 Application Fee

  • Discounted Vendor's Booth at Annual Training Conference
  • Access to Membership Agency Mailing List
  • NNOA Web Site Link and or NEFN Web Site Link







Offered for any donation over $100.00 and your name will be listed as a sponsor with NNOA.


Corporate Sponsor Program Guidelines
1. Support
The sponsor must submit a written proposal the NNOA Executive Board on company letterhead. The proposal should contain detailed information on the support the sponsor is going to provide the Nevada Narcotic Officers' Association . Support may include but it is not limited to:

1. Monetary Contributions
2. Equipment Donations to NNOA Operations (Office, Training)
3. Equipment Donations for NNOA Conferences (Door Prizes)
4. Scholarships to be Awarded NNOA Students
5. Sponsorships for NNOA Special Events: Hospitality Room, etc.
2. Entitlements/Endorsements
The NNOA name and logo can only be used if your company is a NNOA sponsor. The below mentioned quotes is the only authorized format that may be used:

1. "Proud Sponsor of the NNOA"
2. "Sponsors of the NNOA"

"NNOA Sponsor"


No other entitlements or endorsements are associated with a corporate sponsorship.
3. Training
Each sponsor shall understand that the actual training of members will be provided solely by NNOA approved instructors. NNOA instructors will not endorse any specific product however, if asked, the instructor may provide his personal experience with the product.


4. Product Alert
Each sponsor agrees that if their company receives documented evidence from two or more individuals about one of their products they will immediately notify the NNOA and provide a written summary including date, time, place, product and suspected problems. The sponsor shall be allowed to submit a written rebuttal to explain the reason for the problem and their specific steps to correct the indicated problem.


February 20th 2007.


Two more business join with NNOA and NEFN.  We are proud to announce: 

 Custom Glass Etching and Stop DUI


February 19th 2007.


Absolute Equipment becomes a sponsor of NNOA and NEFN


January 01st 2007.


Red Rock has become a major sponsor for NNOA.  Please visit the Red Rock Casinos web site: