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Become a Sponsor for the Nevada Narcotic Officers' Association and say with heart you are doing your part to protect Nevada. 


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BEFORE PROCEEDING:  Click Submit above.  This will send an email from your email provider to NNOA.  NNOA uses a secure web host and email is encrypted. 

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To become a NNOA member:

  1. Either fill out the form above or email the following information to
  2. Name, address and phone number
  3. Agency, Rank, Title and ID number
  4. Agency contact phone number
  5. List any sponsor information
  6. And simply click on the pay pal logo and send $35.00 for one years membership. 

Membership only $35.00


Class Combos:  Membership and class $45.00*

* Check availability with NNOA before making payment.  Some classes may not be available for combination fees.  Combo fee is usually a one eight hour class.

You will receive a conformation notice once your membership is processed.