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Las Vegas, NV 89193
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"Training the Rest with the Best" ~ NNOA






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Who is NNOA?

What you should know:   


  • This Non-Profit Organization is currently working to ensure a lifelong existence in Nevada.
  • It is NNOA's goal to promote and provide excellent training to Police Officers from around Nevada, the US and international officers.
  • NNOA is one of the many state recognized Narcotic Officers' Associations.
  • NNOA is modeled after other Narcotic Officer Associations and is a part of the National Narcotic Officers' Associations'' Coalition.
  • NNOA works very hard in finding support and sponsorship from those who wish to fight crime.

How we help:

  • Training and education for Law Enforcement.
  • The education of our community.
  • Redirection of assistance offered by other individuals, organizations and agencies.
  • Establish direct links with agencies within the State of Nevada and United States.
  • By having a direct relationship with NEFN, NNOA is able to provide training in drug abuse.