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Our Mission:

The following is the Mission for the                                                               Nevada Narcotic Officers' Association:


  • To train and educate the membership, the public, and other law enforcement officers, within the United States, as to current drug trends, drug recognition, and how drugs affect all other areas of crime.


  • To establish training for law enforcement officers in the areas of crime and drug enforcement, by the use of various training medias:  seminars, workshops, conferences, World Wide Web and printed publications. 


  • To promote and foster mutual cooperation between law enforcement officers, their agencies, private industry and the public. This will be accomplished by creating a strong network with the community, it's many resources, local and governmental agencies and membership.


  • To provide information to the public and private industry in regards to the effects of crime, its impacts on the community and the abuse of narcotic and other drugs:  by the use of seminars and lectures on crime topics and drug abuse within the community and/or work place. 


  • To review pending legislation in the area of crime, drug and narcotic laws, and recommend the changes and/or additions to legislation that are in the best interest of the public.




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