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NNOA Membership:


There are five levels of membership available to individuals and business within the Nevada Narcotics Officers' Association.

ACTIVE MEMBERS - Shall be any duly sworn members, regular or reserve, of any organized local, state, out of state, federal, or military law enforcement unit engaged in law enforcement, as long as such public official shall receive salaries from funds or be employed by law enforcement agencies authorized by law to be maintained and engaged on a full-time bases in law enforcement.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS - Shall be anyone who does not qualify as an active member, has a valid concern in narcotic control, and is approved by the regional membership committee of the region in which he/she resides.

SUPPORTING MEMBERS - Shall be any person, firm, or corporation, who is interested in the advancement of the interests of the association.

LIFE - Shall all be past presidents of the association, or any member in good standing for the five consecutive years prior to their retirement, and purchase life membership.

HONORARY - Shall be those persons deserving of recognition for their contributions to the association.


Applications and payments can be made via internet, in person or via fax.  Only qualified persons may become active NNOA members.

  • Active Members may attend NNOA classes at a reduced rate. 
  • Selected members may agree to assist NNOA Classes and Sessions in exchange for complimentary attendance to classes.
  • Specific field enhancement training available to all members.
  • State of the art Training for qualification as an expert witness.
  • P.O.S.T. Certified Credits for recognized classes.
  • College Course credits for training classes.
  • Discounted or Complementary Las Vegas room rates.
  • Travel and Rental car discounts.
  • Class completion Las Vegas Only prizes.
  • Discounted NNOA Merchandise.
  • Families of CNOA Members killed in the line of duty receive an additional sum of money paid from the NNOA Fallen Hero's Fund.
  • Networking and contacts with Stateside and Worldwide Officers and Agencies.


  • Future advantages to membership include awards for Scholarships, awards, and discounts.
  • More to be announced.


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To become a NNOA member:

  1. Either fill out the form above or email the following information to :  
  2. Name, address and phone number
  3. Agency, Rank, Title and ID number
  4. Agency contact phone number
  5. List any sponsor information
  6. And simply click on the pay pal logo and send $35.00 for one years membership. 

Membership only $35.00


Class Combos:  Membership and class $45.00*

* Check availability with NNOA before making payment.  Some classes may not be available for combination fees.  Combo fee is usually a one eight hour class.

You will receive a conformation notice once your membership is processed.